The event at Gunstock started out on a very cold morning, but with rising temps came rising energy. The Teams hit the slopes hard, wasting no time on the shot list. Most teams came down with over half the list knocked off after the first run, which left ample time to add their special touches to the edits. Kids were knocking out some of the more difficult shots with ease and the jump line was on point, finishing off with a pristine kicker at the end which had just the right amount of pop. The day stayed mostly cloudy but for a few solid runs the sun came out to warm everything up. Cruising around the resort, you could catch a glimpse of the elusive Smith Optics Uncle Sam, who was donning his Smith goggles and a snappy pair of red, white and blue pants and coat. GoPro boxes lined the features and teams scattered about getting that signature GoPro POV shot. The day was filled with high spirits, high energy, and kids having a blast with their friends.

Video by Johnny Benevento:

Photos: Chip Allen

_MG_3817 _MG_3818



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