Its official the 2015 VGE/USASA Event is completed. The final awards go to:

1st- Upper Mid West Alt
2nd- SW Freeride
3rd- Maine Mtn Series

Best Storyline:

1st Rocky Mtn Series,
2nd Upper ALT,
3rd NH/SW Freeride
Best Filming:
1st Billy Bjork Upper Mid West Alt
2nd SW Freeride
3rd Big Mtn West
Stand Out Rider:
1st Lucas Caye – Upper MidWest ALT
2nd Aspen (Riders unknown)
3rd Justin Scheer – NorthLake
Viewers Choice:
1st SW Freeride Total- 171 (Best 112)
2nd Upper Mid West Alt, 151 (98)
3rd NH- 154 (97)
Most Creative:
1- Rocky Mtn Series
2- ALT
3- NH/SW
Stand Out Skier:
1st, Bryant Ward (Adirondack),


prizes listed below will be awarded at the final day of awards at Copper Mtn.  Top 10 videos will be revealed on Nationals Movie night.  Our guest panel will be in attendance to talk about

the video who were selected and why they were selected. (Final list of prizes pending; Detailed Prize List will be announced on January 15th,  2015.)

Grand Prize (Gold)

  • Woodward Prize: 2 Free Digital Media Summer Camp Sessions and 2 Free Snowboard / Ski Camp Sessions to winners of USASA National Video Contest (1 from each Woodward Snow location Boreal and Copper)
  •  Cash: $1000* dollar scholarship to the winning series
  • Go Pro Swag

Silver (Ski and Snowboard)

  • Cash Prize: $500* dollar scholarship to the winning series
  • Gear; From Participating Sponsors
  • GoPro Swag

Bronze (Ski and Snowboard)

  •  $250* dollar scholarship to the winning series
  • Gear: From Participating Sponsors
  • GoPro Swag


Best Of Series Prize: GoPro Hero4 for best rider in series edit


* Note- All cash prizes are awarded to the winning “Series”.  This money is used a donation to help the series financial obligations.