How to enter:
1- Log onto and register. (Quick link: We will not upload video to the platform unless the entry fee is paid.
2- Show up at each stop and complete the shot list. Shred your brain out and #filmyourfaceoff.
3- Go home and edit your project. Go to DOWNLOAD Link for “Bumpers and Music” For music read the rules and regulations at this link:
4- To upload and submit videos: upload your videos to VIMEO and send us the link to
5- When voting begins we will send you a email and you can start promoting your video. We do 40% of our judging based on Views and Likes on your video. You have 7 days to get as many likes and views as possible. Get going!
6- Win prizes based upon your video: see this link for more detail: (we send prizes via mail.  there are no prizes given away on the day of the event.)
7- Show up at the next stop. Hint: the more videos you make the better your chances are at winning the Grand Prize. GP Info: see this link:

Good luck and have fun!! – VGE Crew 2014