Reel Theory


Reel Theory believes in the art of telling truly honest and real stories.  Life itself serves as the catalyst for capturing a specific moment in time.  My theory is simple: Film from the heart and capturing what’s real will happen naturally.Header_#1

The art of capturing a life experience is special in itself.  The more I realize this, the more I begin to notice that something funny happens every time I start a new project.  My blood flows through my veins differently.  My endorphins spike.  I sometimes even get goose bumps.  This happens because my brain registers my finger touching the record button.  It tells me that after I hit record, this one moment in front of me is definitive.  There are no special instructions that define what happens next.  No guidelines for success.  No formula for a perfect outcome.  This feeling helps define me and helps define what I like to do.  I like to film what is real…  real to the day, real to the place and real to the very second that the light reflects off the lens.

These moments can never be duplicated nor replicated.  These seconds in film turn into lifetime memories.  These memories become something real, something worth sharing.  Real enough to live, laugh, cry, and love forever. – RT 2013