2014 USASA Video Games Event / Nationals Results


1st Place: Mid West Best ALT Series

2nd Place: Raging Buffalo

3rd Place: Southern VT

Details :

1st Place Overall ALT Series  – Trophy Large Cup, Oscar Best Filming (30%), Stand out Rider (10%), Most Creative (5% riding, 5% tempo)

This video was the first video we saw and there was really no video that could stand up to it. There were many videos that came close but ultimately these guys stood the test of time to beat out everyone else. They had a clever intro, very descriptive outline of their series, AMAZING riding, Lots of great filming work. Editing was spectacular, with use of film burns, super good cuts and tempo was exactly what we were looking for. Overall this video stood out the most to us.

2nd Place Overall – Raging Buffalo Series – Wins Medium Cup and Oscar Viewers Choice

Reasons: Wow… what can we say? 35,000 views and counting makes them pretty popular in the USASA community.

3rd Place – Southern Vermont Series –  Wins Small Cup and Oscar Best Storyline

Reasons: This video did a great job “Branding” themselves and selling their message…. “Its not who you beat, but who you meet.”

We also loved the storyline. This was the only creative storyline in all the videos. Great Job!